We take you back to the basics with four easy steps to master this classic look

One of the most versatile looks in makeup, the cat-eye or "winged" eyeliner can be worn from day to night and for any occasion. We'll admit: it's not the easiest trick to conquer, but with the right equipment you'll be achieving that sleek flick with your eyes closed (or squinted at least). And with Evalina's Precision Liquid Eyeliner we've made the first step easy for you.

See below for our top liner tips and tricks... 


1. Start with the right liner

When applying eyeliner, you need to be precise, so choosing a product with a fine tip and pigmented colour is key. Evalina's Precision Liquid Eyeliner is the perfect tool for the job. It glides effortlessly onto the lid, and the midnight black shade stays put for up to 24 hours without smudging or transferring. The super-fine tip pen can be subtle or buildable for a more dramatic effect and makes creating the classic flick a breeze. 


2. Find your angle

Creating a winged line is definitely not a one-step process and finding your angle is crucial. This can take some trial and error, so be patient when experimenting. Lower your lid, and with a light hand, follow the natural shape of your eye to guide you, marking the top of your wing with a dot just above your crease line. Some also recommend positioning a straight edge at the corner of your eye to get a defined line. For an easier application, start the line above your eye and draw downwards to lash line. Pro tip: For a clean line, do not pull your skin taut. Although this may make it easier to draw the line, your wing will change shape once the skin is released.


3. Create the look

Once you've decided on the right angle and have connected the outer corner of your eye to the wing tip, connect the dot to the middle of your upper lash line creating a triangle. Position as high as you want your cat eye to go. You can also use the dot technique here to create a general outline before committing. Once you're happy with the outline, fill in the space between the two lines.


4. Fix your mistakes

Use a pointed cotton swap lightly dipped in eye makeup remover to clean up any mistakes. Avoid pressing too hard as not to remove any existing makeup. You can also use this time to touch up any areas you wish to sharpen. The hard part of this look is making sure both eyes are even. We recommend applying each step on both eyes before continuing to the next. This way you can make sure they're symmetrical.