For Dr. Monica Michel, beauty is a holistic pursuit, and one that involves the products of Evalina Beauty

Dr. Monica Michel wants you to look–and feel–your absolute best. Born in the United Arab Emirates, she moved to Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta, studied in the Grand Cayman Islands and even worked for two years in general surgery at the famed Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

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In 2011, Dr. Michel transitioned into family and aesthetic medicine, eventually launching Soma MD in the Lower Mainland. “I was inspired to pursue training in aesthetic medicine because it merges my passion for medicine with my passion for beauty,” she explains. “I noticed that throughout my years of training, producing good outcomes contributed to patients’ physical as well as emotional well-being.”

At the Surrey-based Soma MD, clients benefit from an obvious dedication to helping everyone look younger and feel fresher, whether it be through day-to-day self-care products or advanced anti-aging aesthetic procedures. “We want to serve as a trusted guide on the journey to becoming the best ‘you’,” says Dr. Michel.

During copious hours of research and testing, Dr. Michel was introduced to the complete line of Evalina Beauty… and it was a match made in beauty heaven.

Dr. pairFacebook/Soma MDWe asked Dr. Michel to discuss her completebut minimalist–beauty routine…

Q: What is your guiding beauty principle?
A: Although skin care research and knowledge has always been a strong suit of mine, makeup is something I am still learning. Being a medical doctor with a large focus on outcome-driven medical aesthetics, I am always searching for beauty products that align with my desire to achieve natural results.

Q: How did you discover Evalina Beauty?
A: I met [Evalina Beauty consultant] Ana Allen in the late spring of 2020. Being a well-known makeup and beauty expert, I felt there was much to be learned from one another. After sharing with her my core skin care values, she introduced me to Evalina Beauty.

Q: What challenges were you facing with your selection of beauty products?
A: I had difficulty finding a lightweight beauty cream that could camouflage my pores, yet also feed my skin the nutrients necessary to maintain a clear complexion. My skin care routine was composed of what I consider to be non-negotiable, medical-grade products, including sunscreen, vitamin C and retinol. I needed some makeup products that would complement my routine.

Q: What’s your favourite Evalina Beauty product?
A: The Dew Beauty Benefit Cream. Being a minimalist, I have never been into thick foundations that can clog pores or give my already-combination skin more shine than necessary. This cream gives me the perfect amount of moisture and coverage. I found the tint options to be versatile, matching my skin type in the early spring and summer, but also as I began to lose my tan later in the season. The list of ingredients was impressive, especially hyaluronic acid, which is a wonderful hydrating and anti-aging tool.

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Q: Can you describe your daily beauty routine?
“In the morning, I cleanse using my Clarisonic, and the Alumier MD purifying gel cleanser due to the combination nature of my skin. I use a toner (Alumier MD Bright and Clear Solution), EverActive C&E serum by Alumier MD, a Clear Shield or Sheer Hydration sunscreen and a moisturizer: Alumier MD Hydradew in the summer months, and a richer Hydrarich in the winter months. In the evening, I simply swap out my sunscreen for me 0.1 percent retinol by Alumier MD.

Q: Besides your daily use, what extras do you love adding into the mix?
A: Twice a week, I use my Lotus Scrub by Alumier MD in the shower and then, once monthly, I preform an at-home chemical peel like the Enzymatic Peel by Alumier MD.