Get that airbrushed finish with this petal-soft sponge

The makeup sponge has been on the beauty scene for a while now, but few are still in the know when it comes to its benefits and how best to care for it. The soft, egg-shaped tool can seem daunting to some, but with endless application possibilities, this magic tool is a must-have in your makeup kit, giving you flawless results every time.

Here are our top tips to using your Flawless Face Blending Sponge...


1. Use it wet or dry

Isn't adding water just going to thin out your makeup? Yes and no. Run your blending sponge under the tap for a few seconds (until it’s expanded to twice its size) when applying liquid and cream-based products. If your sponge is too wet, it will change the finish of your base layer (we recommend using a towel to remove excess water). But if your sponge is dry, the product will be harder to evenly distribute and you’re not going to achieve an all-over flawless finish. You want the sponge to be light and bouncy against the skin. You can use the sponge dry when applying powder to specific areas.


2. Embrace its curves

There's a good reason for the sponge's unique shape. The wider base should be used for applying product to larger areas of the face—for example, your foundation, powder and even your contour. The pointed tip is designed for those harder-to-reach and more delicate places around your eyes, nose and mouth, as well as for concealing blemishes.
Pro tip: When applying your foundation/BB cream base, don’t apply directly to your blender. Instead place the product on the back of your hand or evenly distribute across your face, then blend with sponge.


3. Dab don’t sweep

When applying product with your blender, make sure to press the sponge into your skin and tap. Do not sweep the makeup across your face as this can cause streak lines on the skin surface and make distribution uneven. The dabbing motion allows your makeup to absorb into your skin for a natural finish.


4. Let your sponge breathe

Leaving your damp face sponge in your makeup bag or in a dark enclosed space will only lead to bacteria growth and could cause blemishes or mold. Leave your blender to dry on a clean surface or stand and use a breathable mesh bag to transport when travelling.


5. Keep it clean

You’ve probably heard all the myths about the best ways to clean your makeup sponge (and no, microwaving does not work), but we've found the best way to keep your blender fresh. Simply run your blender under the tap until completely soaked and gently massage in your chosen soap or cleaner. Rinse and repeat until your old makeup washes away.


6. Know when to say goodbye

We get it, saying goodbye is tough, but sometimes it’s necessary. We recommend replacing your sponge every three months, regardless of how often you clean it. Not only will it start to harbour bacteria, which can cause breakouts, it’s more likely to rip or tear during use.

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