Learn what makes these influential women feel beautiful—even during a pandemic

The pandemic has changed all of our routines, so Evalina Beauty caught up with some of our favourite local ladies to find out how COVID has influenced their self-care, what makes them feel beautiful—and to get their top beauty advice.


1. Karen Khunkhun, Co-host Jeff O’Neil Morning Show on CFOX 

karen khunkhunHow did your beauty routine change last year?

My beauty routine completely changed in 2020 as I started working from home—less makeup, less getting ready. I loved it at first but then I started to really miss my regular morning routine.

2020 really forced me to slow down and focus on self-care. Friday nights at home became in-house spa nights for my daughter and me. We love doing face masks and manis while watching movies.

Do you think any of those changes will be permanent?

I definitely will keep our at-home spa dates going! It’s been such a fun bonding activity and I really think it’s helped with decompressing from the stress of the week.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful when I laugh—that deep, guttural, uncontrollable laugh. There is nothing like it!

What’s your best piece of beauty advice?

Stop being so hard on yourself, wear sunscreen every day and park that magnifying mirror—there is such a thing as too dang close.


2. Sophie Lui, Global News Anchor

Sophie LuiGlobal NewsHow did your beauty routine change last year?

I still wear the same amount of TV makeup during the week, but now it’s far less on the weekend. Usually I go makeup-free on the weekends, but if I’m doing a video call with my partner who lives in California, I might try to look a little more presentable for him ;)

I’ve also become more focused on skin care over the past year. I’m more diligent about my routinecleansing, toning, serum, moisturizer and masks. I wish I had started earlier in life!

Do you think any of those changes will be permanent?

I hope so!  I guess when life starts to normalize again, I’ll probably wear weekend makeup to go out.  But I think it will be a lot less than what I would have worn before.

What makes you feel beautiful?

This may sound weird, but I feel beautiful after I’ve had a good workout and shower. There's something about exercise that makes my skin look better, my eyes look more alert, and just generally ready to get on with the day.

What’s your best piece of beauty advice?

If you run out of makeup remover, olive oil will do the trick! I went to my mum’s after work one evening and she doesn’t have any makeup remover... so I tried the olive oil and voilà! It worked!


3. Fiona Forbes, Senior Producer and TV Host for Hubcast Media

fiona forbesHow did your beauty routine change in 2020?

My beauty routine changed for the better in 2020. At the start of the pandemic, I definitely let things slide in the self-care department. I mean, who didn’t? My stress levels were on high and it was taking a toll on me from the inside out. I made a vow to use some of the extra time we all have these days to amp up my beauty routine and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I have so many incredible beauty products that I never use, so I decided to slow down and take the time to take care of my skin.

Along with taking extra time at home for some self-care, I’ve been seeing Dr. Ali Omrani at White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre in Yaletown for the last few years for my fave treatments: hydrafacials to cleanse, exfoliate, get rid of impurities and dead skin cells; Laser Genesis to tackle fine lines, redness, brown spots and pore size reduction; and Limelight to treat redness, brown spots and sun damage. I have to credit Dr. Omarani for keeping my skin happy and more youthful.

The combination of getting professional skin treatments and taking more time on my own with my beauty routine has made a world of difference and I actually feel confident leaving the house without makeup! Here are some of the product lines I’ve been loving:

  • ZO Skin Health  You can’t go wrong with this line! The Hydrating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish and Growth Factor Serum are a few of my go-tos
  • Comfort Zone  Their Remedy Line is perfect for my sensitive skin. I love the Remedy Toner, Remedy Defense Cream and Remedy Toner.
  • This Works  I’m currently addicted to the No Wrinkle Night Repair and Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum. I also recommend their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for anyone with sleep issues - it smells amazing and really helps me wind down and relax!
  • Evalina Beauty  I really can’t live without my Evalina Flawless Face Blending Sponge, one of the best ones out there! I also love the sheer coverage of the Dew Beauty Benefit Cream—it’s perfect for that natural look. Add a little Radiant Glaze Highlighter and you’re good to go!

Do you think any of those changes will be permanent?

I do think I’ll keep up with my new routine. My excuse in the past has always been “I don’t have time” but the reality is, it’s just a few extra steps and doesn’t take much time at all once you add them into your daily beauty routine.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Laughter. Family. Friends.

What’s your best piece of beauty advice/hack?

Take good care of yourselfthere’s no time like the present! 


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4. Alexa Suter, Founder of Huha

Alexa SuterStudio MediaHow did your beauty routine change in 2020?

Staying home a lot more, I found less of a need to focus on makeup and more of a need to focus on skincare, especially with wearing masks that lead to skin congestion. I began using more medical-grade skin care products, my favourite being ZO and Skinceuticals, and doing more exfoliations and masks.

Do you think any of those changes will be permanent?

Definitely. Getting into the routine of wearing less makeup, I continue to only wear brow gel most days, alongside my quality skin care products. I find that Skinceutical's Daily Moisture gives my skin a nice enough "glow" to pass for wearing actual concealer. It's quicker, easier, and I don't feel any less prepared for the day.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Having heathy-looking, hydrated skin and a fresh haircut!

What’s your best piece of beauty advice?

I always like to focus on efficiency when it comes to beauty, so for the days/nights when I want to go a little more "out there," I focus on using cream-based products that can be applied with my fingertips. I have a photo-finisher that I apply to my whole face for a nice fresh glow and cream-based highlighters/bronzers and eyeshadow. It's much, much faster and ultimately provides the same result!


5. Ana Allen, Skin Care & Beauty Expert

AnaHow did your beauty routine change in 2020?

My beauty routine became more low-maintenance. The pandemic has brought us back to the basics with added simplicity in our beauty routine. For example, I have put more effort into creating natural-looking fluffy brows and lashes. I also want to feel fresh and healthy with muted skin and a “glass” complexion (think hydration and low-shimmer glow) tinted lips, lids and cheeks. A natural complexion and healthy skin are important.

Do you think any of those changes will be permanent?

Since we will be wearing masks for a while, attention to healthy skin and eye makeup is on the rise. For example, the first thing people are going to see when you are wearing a mask are your eyes which are a doorway to your personality. And of course anyone wearing a mask for an extended period of time should ensure their skin is kept clean, nourished and protected. Consumers will want brands that deliver solutions that are easy to use and are long-wear formulas with clean, conscious ingredients.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I personally believe it’s about being brave enough to switch your focus from just trying to look good to allowing yourself to feel beautiful from the inside. This means I embrace self-care/wellness, good mental health, living simply, and of course reducing negative stress in my life.

What’s your best piece of beauty advice

Be brave, be beautiful and express your best self.